The Book

The Spirited Side of Portland

“High-Proof PDX: A Spirited Guide to Portland’s Craft Distilling Scene” is the first-ever comprehensive guide on how to navigate the city’s local distillery artisanal drinks scene—for when you’re lost, hungry, or hungover. Forthcoming, September 2017 by Overcup Press.

Author Karen Locke came up with the name “High-Proof PDX” shortly after deciding to write a book about spirits produced in Portland. After spending more than a few years writing about beer, wine, and spirits she noticed spirits weren’t getting the same attention and press as the lower-proof adult beverages like beer and wine. The name High-Proof is a nod to the higher ABV alcohol waiting to be explored.

The “High-Proof PDX” brand incorporates the forthcoming book with an online and social presence, and now a mailing list. Followers can read the blog or follow on Instagram for updates on distilling and cocktail events and news awaiting the release of the book.

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