Correction: Shrub Works Company

It is with my apology that I must make a correction to the Shrub Works Company’s entry in “High-Proof PDX.” Incorrectly stated is the name of the founder of Shrub Works Company. The owner of Shrub Works Company is Aaron Howard.

I still believe the positive light Aaron Howard’s product has been portrayed will be beneficial to the avid spirits fan in Portland, regardless of this regrettable fact-checking error. This is an overstep that will be corrected in subsequent printings. In the meantime, check out what Aaron Howard’s Shrub Works Company has to offer. As the guidebook suggests they are versatile shrubs for cocktails made right here in Portland.

Please see the revised entry below:

Shrub Works Co.

Buy at retailers or bars

Nearly every time barman Aaron Howard made a fresh batch of shrubs for Sidecar 11 on Mississippi Avenue, he noticed a trend: people wanted to buy his shrubs by the bottle. A few years later, after spending time as a brand ambassador for Big Bottom Distilling and working as a cocktail consultant, Aaron formed Shrub Works Co. The first shrubs, made from drop fruit from growers right outside of the city, went on sale at farmer’s markets and bars around town. Shrub Works Co.’s current flavors include Orange/Rosemary, Green Tea/Bay Leaf/Peppercorn, Grapefruit/Raspberry, Cardamom/Lime/Apple, and Strawberry/Lavender.

High-Proof Pick: For the most versatile shrub, go for the Grapefruit/Raspberry. Not only is it refreshing in cocktails, but this one also goes nicely in salad dressings or marinades.