Why Bull Run Distilling Fans Need to Know About “High-Proof PDX”

HighProof PDX” is the first-ever comprehensive print guidebook to navigating the city’s local distilling and cocktail scene—for when you’re lost, hungry, or hungover. The guidebook to drinking in Portland will be published fall 2017 by Overcup Press and written by food and drink writer, Karen Locke.

The guidebook to distillery tasting will feature Bull Run Distilling Company, along with other Portland distilleries.

If you love Bull Run Distilling Company, you’ll want to get your hands on “High-Proof PDX” for:

  • The history of distilling in Portland and how it applies to Bull Run Distilling
  • Other spirits produced in the city of Portland
  • How distillation works—better understand the whiskey you love!
  • How to taste spirits while in the tasting room
  • Distillery events where you’ll find Bull Run Distilling
  • How to use Bull Run spirits in cocktails at home
  • Plus, more!

The “HighProof PDX” brand incorporates the forthcoming book with an online and social presence. Follow High-Proof PDX on Instagram to see which Portland bars and restaurants are using Bull Run products. Then, sign-up for the book’s newsletter, Cocktail Union for exclusive never-before-shared cocktails in your inbox. Bull Run was featured in December’s Cocktail Union newsletter! View it here.

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Photo via Bull Run Distilling By Carly Diaz