Bull Run Distilling Co.

Bull Run Distilling Co.

2259 NW Quimby Street, (503) 224-3483
Wednesday – Sunday, 12 noon – 6 pm

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Bull Run Distilling Company, located just of NW 23rd Avenue in Portland has a whiskey-heavy portfolio with regional Pacific Northwest qualities and flavors. The tasting room is cozy, and the perfect spot to learn about Portland whiskey from those who know them best.

Tasting Menu:

AQUAVIT > Regnig Dag Aquavit

RUM > Pacific Rum (Distilled from Hawaiian Turbinado Sugar)

VODKA > Medoyeff Vodka (full-grain, European-style), Medoyeff Starka (barrel-aged in pinot noir barrels)

WHISKEY > Bull Run Oregon Single Malt

PHOTO via Bull Run Distilling BY CARLY DIAZ