Blind Pig Thursdays at Circa 33: Distiller Thursdays

What: A reoccurring tasting event at Circa 33 featuring Oregon distillers and the spirits they produce.

When: Every Thursday from 7 to 10 PM

April 27th (Bull Run Distilling), May 4th (Eastside Distilling), May 11th (Big Bottom Distilling), May 18th (House Spirits), June 1st (Vivacity Spirits) and June 8th (New Deal Distillery) and Blind Pig Social on June 11th

Where: Circa 33 (3348 SE Belmont Street)

How: Arrive at Circa 33 for samples from Oregon distillers, and purchase cocktails featuring spirits.

Why: Not only can you taste spirits made in Oregon, you’ll be able to talk to the distillers and/or tasting room employees. It’s a great opportunity to learn a thing or two about spirits produced in our state while achieving a buzz.

On June 11th, Circa 33 will host all of the distilleries again for the Carry Nation’s Blind Pig Social from 2-8 PM.