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Learn about how, when, and why distilleries in Portland were established.

Build Your Bar

Advice on building a home bar of local Portland purveyors and spirits.

Tasting Tips

Expert tips for tasting and enjoying liquor without making a puke face.

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HIGH-PROOF PDX ITINERARY: Cocktail Enthusiast (No Matter the Distance)

The best spots for tasting cocktails made with locally made spirits can be in the very places where they’re produced. But until laws change, distilleries aren’t permitted to serve full-size […]

Sloshy Pops for Sip Northwest

Check out my most recent article for Sip Northwest to learn more about Sloshy Pops, a local company making boozy popsicles from spirits made in Portland. Read Full Article While […]

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“As Portland, Oregon, takes its place as one of the most popular drinking and eating meccas of the country, Karen Locke is your spirited guide through the city and state’s best spirits producers, artisan beverages, hangover cures and more. You will love High-Proof PDX — it’s the book to have in your car or purse to find the best spirits, histories, and people the region has to offer.” – Carrie Welch, Co-Founder, Feast Portland