Inside the Guidebook


Learn about how, when, and why distilleries in Portland were established.

Build Your Bar

Advice on building a home bar of local Portland purveyors and spirits.

Tasting Tips

Expert tips for tasting and enjoying liquor without making a puke face.

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North Portland Distillery Tasting: Must-See Roadside Attractions

While you may not be a tourist per se, with High-Proof PDX in hand you’re well prepared for an adventure to new places. There’s always time for roadside attractions along the […]

Best Portland Distillery Tasting

Just as you can go to a brewery or an urban winery in Portland, you can tour distillery tasting rooms where Portland’s spirits are made. A majority of the distilleries […]

Finally, a Way to Travel with Oregon Booze Thanks to Crafted Life

If you’ve ever checked a bottle of whiskey, beer or wine pre-fight in your suitcase—only to arrive at your final destination to the heart-stopping view of luggage that appears to have […]

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“As Portland, Oregon, takes its place as one of the most popular drinking and eating meccas of the country, Karen Locke is your spirited guide through the city and state’s best spirits producers, artisan beverages, hangover cures and more. You will love High-Proof PDX — it’s the book to have in your car or purse to find the best spirits, histories, and people the region has to offer.” – Carrie Welch, Co-Founder, Feast Portland